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Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father is a psychological thriller with paranormal elements that explores theories of life after death, and the depths some people will sink to as they try to prove those theories. Deranged scientist Jackson Cole, damaged by his own childhood, kidnaps a young boy and leaves him to die as Cole watches. The boy’s family races in a desperate search, as a dark force lures the boy away from life. Can they stop the experiment before it’s too late?

Signed Paperback novel 15.00

What Love Can Do

A Short and Sweet Christmas Romance

When life turns upside down, photographer Katherine Ambrose leaves the comfort of sunny Southern California to experience a true winter wonderland. Will her visit to an idyllic North Dakota town help her find her Christmas spirit or will Katherine risk too much to get the perfect picture? Even more, will the help of a handsome new friend help her discover What Love Can Do?

Signed Paperback novella 10.00

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